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Slow Down

Voicing: SATB and piano or Cambiata (CCBar) and piano or TTBB and piano

Duration: 2' 55"


All three versions of this work are published by OUP. The SATB version is published in their Voice Junction series. The version for 3-part Cambiata choir,  suitable for boys' changing voices, is published in the Emerging Voices series. The TTBB version, for adult male voices is published separately.

"Slow Down has a relaxed swing feel, with imaginative lyrics by the composer that encourage us to take time out of our busy lives. The baritones have fun with a scat bassline while the upper parts enjoy exploring a swung quaver style, all underpinned by a supportive yet characterful piano part."


Listen to the recording here. 

Slow Down

  • This OUP publication is available from many online retailers including direct from OUP in the UK and their distributors in the US Edition Peters.

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