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Ian's work A Drop O' Nelson's Blood, a set of arrangements for mixed voice choir and piano of 8 sea songs, lends itself particularly well to workshops. Ian is an inspiring workshop leader and, alongside his pianist wife Jan, he has developed a workshop format and timetable that teaches the songs in a day, along with providing a wealth of fascinating background material and context.

If you run a choir that you think would enjoy this workshop, Ian and Jan would be happy to discuss it with you. They will charge the choir a flat fee and then the choir charges what it likes to attendees, depending on whether the event is intended as a fund raiser, recruitment opportunity  or just a fun musical challenge. You provide the singers and a venue (with a piano) and we'll do the rest. 

Contact Ian for more information and a quote. 

Comments from attendees...

"It was a brilliant day, very stimulating and I hope improved my singing and my ability to sight read."

“It was great fun, and very fulfilling. A good variety of music, which included some challenges, and an appreciation of emotional impact.”

Workshop introduction video

Typical workshop timetable

0930 - Registration and coffee

1000 - Warmups and ice breakers

1015 - Session 1: songs 1 & 2

1115 - Coffee

1130 - Session 2: songs 3 & 4

1230 - Lunch

1330 - Session 3: songs 5 & 6

1415 - Tea

1430 - Session 4 - songs 7 & 8

1315 - Final run-through

1600 - End

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